Product labelling

Labelling for Electrically Rechargeable Road Vehicles and Charging Infrastructure


In order to help consumers understand the new EV labels appearing on new vehicles and what that means for charging, the European Union has agreed on new labelling requirements for newly produced vehicles and charging stations. Since March 20, 2021, there is a new harmonised set of labels to help identify compatible recharging options for electric road vehicles will appear across Europe.

The standard EN 17186 specifies the marking for charging stations for charging electric vehicles and also defines the technical design and size of the new markings. EN 17186 has been developed in support of the implementation of Article 7 of Directive 2014/94/EU on ‘the deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure’. The harmonized logo is not related with harmonized standards corresponding with the LVD directive 2014/35/EU and CE markings.

The new labelling is based on the fact that power supply for electric vehicles uses vehicle inlets, socket-outlets, connectors and plugs.


More information about the new marking for charging stations here.

Overview of the European charging point labeling regulation

Our service for partners and customers at Bals emobile porducts:

At charging sockets we are placing the necessary symbol for charging stations on the type logo under the hinged cover, so we are offering an alternative solution for the meantime. However, it does not correspond 100% to the requirement of the standard described above:

As an example the sticker under the hinged lid of the T2S product E-80300-32

In the transistion time we are placing the marking for emobile plugs and connectors on the 3D sticker area on top of the products.

In the long term the marking will be leaser engraved on the contact carrier part.