Charging sockets for every application


Whether large or small, round or square, with or without LED we have definitely the right type 2 or eBike charging socket for your charging station.

Product features:

  • VDE approved
  • EASY CONTACT with silver-plated contacts
  • Either with 4 or 3 fastening points


  • Optionally with hinged lid lock
  • Optionally with double RGB-LED lighting
  • Different flange sizes available


  • Plugholder for type 1 + type 2 as an accessory
  • Own branding with doming sticker possible
  • EV controller available for control

The patented shutter solution is space-saving and innovative

The smallest type 2 socket with hinged lid from Bals

For installation from behind, type 2 socket without hinged cover

Animation of the Bals type 2 shutter solution


Our standard charging socket, E-81191

Charging socket type 2 with LED and lockable hinged lid, E-81193.

Plugholder for type 2


Charging socket 230V with "normally open" auxiliary contact in standard flange 50x50 mm

Charging socket 230V in the same design as our type 2 charging sockets

Charging socket type 23 (type J swiss standrad) with "normally open" auxiliary contact in standard flange 50x50 mm