Overvalue through your own branding and individual colors


In addition to the diverse e-Mobile standard portfolio, we offer a wide range of customization options.  It is possible to change the color of the 3 housing components for all charging plugs and connectors in the new 3-part housing design. Adapt the connectors to your CI with the appropriate RAL color and use the clearly visible area above the connectors and couplings to present your logo with a high-quality doming sticker

Product features:

  • 3-part housing, different colours possible
  • New ergonomic design
  • All types of AC charging cable variants can be assembled: type 1, type 2 and type GB


  • Possibility of branding with your own doming logo
  • Charging cables available as coiled or standard  version
  • Charging cables up to 63A / 43,5 KW at type 2


  • Silver-plated contacts for a good conductivity
  • Different cable lengths possible on request
  • Charging plug and connectors are VDE certified

Cable with type 2 plug and connector 1- or 3-phases, standard

Cable with type 1 connector for fixed installation, standard

Cable with type GB connector for fixed installation, coiled


All contacts of the charging plugs and connector are silver-plated

Individualization with your own doming sticker, for example with logo

Careful electronic final inspection of the charging cable at the test station